Near Cadair Idris

Above: A valley near Cadair Idris, Wales.

My second year at Birmingham, the portion of it captured on film at least, was characterised by more trekking around the wet and windy uplands that happened to be a convenient drive away. By this time, I had been upgraded to supervisor status (having completed the hiking section of my own D of E the previous summer) and was largely occupied with making sure that nobody got hypothermia. One particularly resourceful group had everything they were carrying drenched during a surprisingly violent squall except their cannabis supply, which had received top priority in the waterproofing hierarchy.

The ValeUniversity of Bimingham

Above, left to right: The Vale (student residences at Birmingham), The University of Birmingham’s central campus. Below, left to right: Edgbaston cricket ground, Coverack Bay (Cornwall).

EdgbastonCoverack Bay

British uplands (1)British uplands (2)

Above: British uplands, location unknown. Below:Walking near Cadair Idris, Wales.

Cadair hillsCadair valley

Cadair IdrisDark Peak

Above, left to right: The cwm at Cadair Idris, walking in the Dark Peak.