Lake Superior (1)My and Amy’s master plan for the rest of our lives took a step forward recently when we moved to Ontario, principally for Amy to attend graduate school. Rather than shell out $2000 to hire a moving van, we entrusted out possessions to Canada Post for a quarter of the price and drove Amy’s car the 2200 km to Toronto. We found a small motel right on Lake Superior for the overnight stay (the Coach House Motel, near Terrace Bay), and had just enough time to drive/walk down to the shore before sunset. The following day was more of the same, and we rolled into Toronto just in time for a late dinner.

Lake Superior (2)The next few weeks were a frantic flurry of apartment hunting, job finding (Amy: 2, John: 0), kitchen stocking, furniture buying and assembling, paperwork filing and local community investigating. We are currently ensconced in the small town of Richmond Hill (motto: A little north, a little nicer), which is pleasant but principally a bedroom community for the looming presence that is Toronto. After one month’s residency, here is my evaluation:

Pros Cons
Excellent library services Not really on Toronto’s mass transit system
Good fibre-optic coverage Lack of jobs
Lots of parks and trees Expensive car insurance
Cycling supported Major lack of entertainment options
Relatively cheap food shopping Staggeringly high house prices
Used furniture often left on the street for salvaging Far away from Toronto, which is where everything interesting happens
Good thrift store options Lack of volunteering opportunities
Recycling encouraged Forced reliance on cars for transportation