Duke chapel (1)Kate’s graduation (actually a hooding ceremony for PhD students only) took place on the enormous, leafy and fairly grandiose Duke campus, which occupies some prime real estate in north-west Durham. Upon receiving her hood, she gave her advisor a big hug and set off a chain of copycat events lasting the entire ceremony (this gave us some light entertainment as we spotted the fake/awkward ones, in addition to trawling the programme for the longest, shortest and lamest thesis titles). We sweated our way across to another building for some post-ceremony food, which was uniformly excellent – the room even contained, opulence of opulences, an ice sculpture.

In addition to the official events, we were treated to a great barbecue at Kate’s place and had plenty of time to make friends with her and Toban’s dog Huey, a very lovable rescue with a penchant for being chased around the garden.

Huwie (1)Huwie (2)

Duke graduationDuke chapel (3)Duke chapel (2)