Île de Ré

La Rochelle (1)Quite a bit of my time recently has been taken up with sorting through my possessions for the fairly-imminent move to Canada. We’ve shifted around half a ton of things I definitely don’t want out to the local Oxfam, and more will be going after I make final decisions (based largely around the cost of shipping). One sub-project of this move has been the digitisation of my old camera film, so I don’t have to ship boxes of old photographs that I never look at. Over the next week or two, I will be putting some of these pictures online for posterity (note: there will be no embarrassing photos of me as a kid, at least not until we digitise my parents’ photographs sometime in the far future).

La Rochelle (2)The oldest film negatives I had were from a school trip to La Rochelle and the Île de Ré in France, circa 1995. I’d like to say that they showed my potential to be a great photographer, but they are mostly incorrectly exposed and poorly focused – the twin consequences of very basic equipment (I had a promotional Supasnaps Flicker toy camera at the time) and a near-total ignorance of how photography works (thankfully, working digitally allows me to pick and choose which images I publish, and also to correct some of the worst composition and exposure gaffes).

I believe that the two towers shown here are in La Rochelle, but strictly speaking they could be anywhere between La Flotte and Paris.