TripodOver a month had passed since I last went down to the Asan shelter with Animal Rescue Korea, and so I made it a point to go and see how the animals were doing while Amy was off in Shanghai. The weather has been bitterly cold recently, and we spent some time breaking the ice on the water containers and adding bedding (there are plans to introduce solar water heaters to prevent icing, but given the shelter’s forest setting I’m not sure if they’ll work very well). All the dogs got some exercise, thanks mostly to an enormous turn-out, but the high passage of animals through the same areas also meant a higher incidence of fights (there were no injuries though). Two of the dogs I took out managed to outwit me, viz. Goliath (the large German Shepherd) did a zig-zag in front of me so that I tripped over her on her way back (as soon as I started to lose my balance, she ran and attacked another dog) and Kiska (an Alaskan Malamute) who managed to pull out of her collar (her pen-mate, a black Labrador, recently escaped by burrowing under the fence).

All things considered, the place was looking a lot better than it did the last time I was there – a lot of small construction projects are getting done, and the food has improved a lot. There were a few new kittens and puppies, surprisingly late in the season, and all are hoping that they get adopted before full winter comes around.

Afghan napGoliath on guard