Bauhaus HartAmy and I had heard about the Bauhaus Dog Cafe in Hongdae (홍대) quite a long time ago, but had never actually gotten around to going until this weekend. We wandered in to what would be a fairly typical Seoul cafe (chairs, tables and hot and cold drinks) if not for the presence of fifteen dogs and one cat (who had made herself scarce). Dog owners were free to bring their pets along for some socialising with other animals, and I estimated that there were three staff on drinks-serving duty compared to four on accident-cleaning and hair-sweeping details.

Bauhaus Bau, Rano and HakiAll the animals had the run of the cafe, which meant that they were perpetually underfoot, overhead (on the broad windowsills), on the seats or just scampering from person to person in search of treats. It is an immensely fun concept that we doubt would work in the hygiene-regulated Western world.

Bauhaus HakiBauhaus Ssoong