Drawing Show (3)One fine and relaxing weekend, Amy and I finally made the effort to go out to the Drawing Show, a non-verbal live art theatre show out in Seoul’s theatre district at Hyehwa. We weren’t quite sure what to expect (I was leaning towards a kind of live storyboarding), and were marvellously entertained when it turned out to be a series of sketches (both arty and comedic) and highly kid-inclusive. Photography was not allowed (presumably so as not to spoil the surprises), and I only got a few shots of the artists right at the end. Definitely go and see it.

Drawing Show (1)Drawing Show (2)

Asan EomeoniThe same weekend, I went out to Asan (아산) with Animal Rescue Korea to see how the dogs and cats were getting along. The shelter is in a constant state of construction, with new buildings and areas sprouting up at a fantastic rate, and we were constantly stepping around diggers and piles of materials. The dogs were as energetic and attention-hungry as ever, but the cats were quite subdued after a serious outbreak of panleukopenia a few weeks ago.

Sorae MalamuteNamsan glider

Asan toadstoolThe following weekend, my parents and brother came over for a visit – I’d spent most of the week frantically reserving hotels and trains, and was relieved to have things start to go exactly as planned. We hit a few of the major tourist areas of Seoul before temporarily parting ways – me to go to work, they to more sights in Jeonju and Gyeongju. We’ll rendezvous in Gangneung this weekend, and I’m quietly confident they’ll be able to navigate the Korean bus and rail systems unaccompanied.

The only full day we had together was Saturday, and we packed enough in to make it count. Our first stop was Gyeongbokgung (경복궁/景福宮; lit. scenery happiness palace), with its innumerable royal buildings and various museums (Royal, Folk and Children’s). We wandered around, wilting a little in the heat, and escaped to nearby Insadong (인사동) for some traditional item window shopping in the shade. After recharging in a coffee shop, we relocated south to Namsan (남산) as the evening approached to see the city at night. Finally, not wasting the hotel’s excellent location, we made a brief foray into Namdaemun Market (남대문 시장) for fruit and oddball clothing.

Gyeongbokgung (1)Hyangwonjeong (1)

Hyangwonjeong (2)Royal soy sauceN Seoul Tower