Asan puppiesOnce again, the weekly Animal Rescue Korea trip to Jane’s Grandpa’s shelter in Asan (아산) involved us administering heartworm medication to the ~250 dogs, quite a few of which did not really want to be caught and fed pills. We got just about all of them done, despite one enterprising individual sneaking into the roof of one of the pens and eating a 10x overdose from the bowl we were using to hold the medicine in. The vet advised us that he’ll probably be OK. We also had to catch a wild cat with some kind of growth that needed looking at – we tried and failed to pull her out of her sleeping box (almost destroying a pair of gloves in the process), but later managed toss a duvet over her, giving us enough time to bundle her into a carrier.

Asan outdoor cat toy (1)Asan outdoor cat toy (2)