RMT audienceLast weekend was largely taken over by various Animal Rescue Korea-based activities. On Saturday evening, there was a joint fundraising event with Nabiya cat shelter at the Rocky Mountain Tavern, a Canadian bar in Itaewon. The function room was absolutely packed, resulting in many spilled drinks and trodden-on feet, and the festival-appropriate music volume meant that conversation was only possible inbetween songs. I won two free chickens in the raffle (the irony not lost on the shelter volunteers, I hope), which were subsequently given away, and was not alone in voicing my opposition to the raffle co-ordinator constantly drawing tickets, looking at the name, screwing them up, dropping them on the floor and then drawing other ones. A lot of money was raised for the dogs and cats, which is the important thing, but next time I’ll probably just give them a donation and go do something less stressful.

Woo's BluesAsan deck cat

Asan CCTV catThe shelter trip was shifted to Sunday to allow time to set up for the fundraiser, and significantly reduced numbers of volunteers braved the heat to see what was going on at Asan. We arrived to find the place in a but more of a state than usual – lots of places hadn’t been cleaned out, and there wasn’t much food or water available. We set to putting things to rights, and discovered later that the inept full-time staff had finally been fired but that their replacements wouldn’t be starting immediately. I had to tackle two dogs who managed to escape (getting a little nibbled in the process, and once again reckoning my gloves to be the best W2000 ever spent), and also helped to capture thirteen kittens (some of them feral) who we were taking to Seoul for medical treatment (due to a particularly nasty outbreak of feline herpesvirus 1). Hopefully things will be a little more clean, organised and healthy by the time I get back there.