Asan fox-dogThe weekly Animal Rescue Korea trip turned out to involve the heartworm medicine administration – not as perilous as vaccination day, but still a huge hassle (you’d think that it’d be easy to get dogs to eat things, but they have to trust you a little first). The few volunteers spread out over the shelter, pills and dog food (and eggs) in hand, and managed to get almost all of the animals done. There were a few that were so wary, they wouldn’t even eat food that was left near them with no other people or animals around – sadly, there’s not much we can do for these guys and they are unlikely to get adopted. Some of the dogs did get walked though, and there were the usual scuffles, barks and scrambles for treats.

Soare heronOn Monday evening, I took a trip out to Siheung and Sorae Reservoir (소래저수지) to hang out with Jin-Pun (a very lovable husky who was adopted from the Asan shelter) and his new owner. We took a long walk around the reservoir, alternately frightening and enticing the locals (Jin-Pun either causes fear or curiosity) and taking a few photographs to keep our skills fresh.

Sorae spiderJin-Pun at SoraeSorae grass