Dr. Pet PersianSaturday’s regular Animal Rescue Korea trip out to the dog shelter at Asan (아산) had been cancelled again, but we didn’t know that and went out there to find a suspicious lack of people waiting for us at the train station. As it turned out, the shelter was in the middle of some road building (at least, that’s what it looked like) and we were able to walk dogs if we stayed out of the way of the excavator. There were the usual nips and temporary escapes, and a moment of mild panic when we thought that a newly-constructed extension to the cat area had walled some other cats in.

We took an excellent haul of three dogs and two cats over to the Dr. Pet Animal Medical Center in Seoul for adoption, and spent some time scrubbing the shelter muck off them and meeting the other residents. There were the usual small dogs getting underfoot, a huge and friendly Rottweiler upstairs, a rabbit, cats and kittens and – still – Casper, a dog who Amy and I walked months ago when Amy fostered Cobe. However, he’s been adopted and will be flying out to Finland in a few weeks.

Dr. Pet adoptable dogDr. Pet schnauzer mix

CasperDr. Pet cat

Dr. Pet rabbitDr. Pet kitten