Asan puppyMy weekend turned out to be eminently leisure-based, beginning in Amy’s apartment on Friday evening with the baking of many cookies and a game of Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. I was thoroughly pleased that I’d managed to to justice to the excellent hosting normally carried out in the place, and traipsed out to Asan with Animal Rescue Korea the following day ready to accomplish more things.

It turned out to be tick spray day – slightly less effort than heartworm treatment day (as we don’t have to make the dogs eat things), but still a significant undertaking. I also managed to get time to walk some of the caged Jindo dogs, avoiding the concrete road (due to the intense heat) and blazing new paths in the forest. Make a proper trail would be a brilliant project, but we’d need to check who actually owns the land first.

Shadows over CamelotI did a little work on Sunday (having sneaked out early on Friday to go to Yongin), and then went out to Hongdae for more board gaming. We played a rather complicated but well-put-together game called Shadows over Camelot – we each played a Knight of the Round Table and, working cooperatively, simultaneously repelled the Picts, got invaded by the Saxons, completed the quests for Lancelot’s Armour, the Holy Grail and Excalibur, got beaten up by the Black Knight and eventually managed to boot the forces of evil out of Camelot. I found the game atmosphere to be pregnant with impending doom, much like Pandemic, but with the added headache of keeping track of the various Quests and the knights’ abilities. All in all, it was well worth the evening spent playing.