Gwangmyeong KTX

Calendar kittenAfter an absence of several weeks, I finally made it out to the animal shelter at Asan (아산) with Animal Rescue Korea again. I rolled up an hour late, having missed all my connections on the subway due to the first train being both late and slow, and arrived to a scene of mild chaos – any dog that could be caught and held was getting a summer haircut or a thorough brushing due to the onset of another horribly hot summer. The oppressive heat, squirming dogs and frequent fights to be broken up meant that not as many dogs as usual got walked, but I did manage to take out a bounding golden retriever (who found a stick insect in the woods) and brush Goliath the Alsatian (generating enough hair for about 100 bird nests).

Plastic bag kittenFeral cat littering season was also continuing, with no less than 8 kittens in the main house. We took 5 of them over to Dr. Pet in Seoul (get ’em while they’re hot!), and left the other 3 for another week as they were a little too small to move.

Instead of heading back to Sinchon, I went farther east to Siheung (시흥) – I’d agreed to look after a friend’s husky while he was away for the weekend. Jin-Pun was adopted from the Asan shelter months ago, but it’s only recently he’s been allowed outside due to various medical procedures that required complete rest. I took him out round the local reservoir a few times – mild exercise for most dogs, but fairly strenuous for him as he’s spent his entire life in a cage and is still unused to physical activity, people or open spaces. Continuing the wildlife-themed weekend, Jin-Pun tried and failed to catch a toad (I intervened, and then shooed it off the road), and a few minutes later almost stepped on a black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) which fluttered a few feet away and stared at us balefully until we moved.