With the spring semester over in a flash, Amy and I packed a few lesser-done activities into the weekend to start the exam-marking session off with some more stimulating stuff. On Saturday, we met up with a couple of people from KMPL and took the bus up to Bukhansan (북한산) National Park to tackle that pile of buried rubbish we came across on our last trip. This time, we were armed with trowels and after about an hour’s digging had cleared most of the broken glass and noodle wrappers from the bottom of the spring. I then took a quick look around for any rubbish we might have missed, and to everyone’s horror discovered yet another enormous cache from 1986 (dated from an old packet of salt). It took us another couple of hours to dig everything out (we carried about 80 litres out of the park), with every other hiker stopping to see what we were doing (most thought we had found some rare mountain ginseng; one person asked us if we were looking for snakes).

Once off the mountain, we had time for a short shower and then jumped back on the subway for the long ride north to a regular board game meeting. Not only was Tom generously offloading a whole load of seldom-played games, but there was a game developer from Switzerland in attendance to add a real air of expertise to the room. We began with a goat-themed card game, and stopped before the final round after a series of lucky hands put me in an unassailable position. My lucky streak ended with a particularly poor round of Yahtzee free-for-all though, with several no-scoring rounds. We also played Pandemic, in honour of the WHO upgrading H1N1 to level 6, and managed to beat it for about the second time ever.