Yanghwajin Foreigner's Cemetery (3)With an entire morning of my lens rental remaining, I looked around for places near my apartment that I could get to while the light was still reasonably good. I quickly found Yanghwajin Foreigner’s Cemetery (양화진 외국인 선교사묘원), which occupies a pleasant site near the Han River (한강) and is an easy twenty-minute bike ride from Sinchon.

The cemetery was founded by Emperor Gojong (고종 광무제) in 1890, in memory of a missionary called John Heron who had served as his private doctor. Various other foreigners have since been buried there, and it is currently at the heart of a spat between foreign and local Christian groups. When I walked around, the place was deserted and there was refreshingly little in the way of dubious history or loud distractions.

I decided to take a short walk along the river on my way back for breakfast, hoping to see a few birds near Bamseom Sanctuary. However, construction work on the storm drain overflow system seemed to have frightened them off.

Yanghwajin Foreigner's Cemetery (1)Yanghwajin Foreigner's Cemetery (2)

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