Sinchon Rotary by nightSinchon (신촌 lit. New Village) is a bustling neighbourhood in Seoul, chock full of cheap restaurants, bars and entertainment providers thanks to the presence of several major universities nearby (Ewha, Hongik, Sogang and Yonsei). The streets are always full of both people stepping out for the evening and people trying to sell them things or entice them into their eating/drinking establishment. This allows endless opportunities for candid portrait photography, if you’re prepared intrude on peoples’ nights out (and run the risk of some drunken altercations). As a general rule, I am not and so I tested Amy’s mini-tripod out up above the Rotary.

Namsan from SinchonAs you can see, light pollution is pretty bad over here. The high levels of dust and smog immediately above the city exacerbate the problem, reflecting light back down and reducing visibility even more. On high dust days, you wouldn’t be able to see Namsan Tower (around 4.5 km away) and stars are a mere memory except after heavy rain.