Spring at Ewha (5)Every spring, flora across the entire Korean peninsula erupt in a storm of colour and scent, and mobile networks crash as everyone starts taking photographs of themselves among the blossoms and sending them to their friends. As this will be my last year over here, I made it a point to take some pictures on the Ewha campus and investigate just how close my lens can focus.

Blossoms open at different times depending on the climate, but there’s usually a window of about a fortnight when the blooms are open – after that, it rains petals for a few days and then everything is covered in a green carpet until the autumn. I estimate that we have another week or so here in Seoul to enjoy the floral atmosphere, and with that in mind I’ll be going to Yeouido at the weekend.

Spring at Ewha (1)Ewha tiger

Spring at Ewha (2)Spring at Ewha (3)

Spring at Ewha (8)Spring at Ewha (4)

Spring at Ewha (6)Ewha Primary School blossoms

Spring at Ewha (7)Spring at Ewha (9)