Lotus prayerFaced with a glorious afternoon with the scent of spring in the air, Amy and I decided to take in one of the local attractions again and head out to Wawoo Temple, a privately-owned for-profit centre for Buddhist worship just a few kilometres down the road. We were lucky enough to be joined by Amy’s co-worker Michael (highly entertaining, as always) and Amy’s foster dog Cobe (ever-eager to explore new areas), and pulled up at the same time as a few supplicants to take the short walk around the grounds.

Various donors from different countries have contributed to or built the parts of the complex, giving the place a refreshingly varied feel. As we left the koi and terrapin ponds near the entrance, the resident jindo dogs, including a stocky puppy, ran up to investigate Cobe and would probably have seen her off if we hadn’t been there too (though Cobe herself was quite unconcerned). We hiked past a few statues, up to the famous Reclining Buddha, past murals depicting scenes from the Buddha’s life and finally up to a large Fasting Buddha statue inside an elephant-themed pavilion. With no rituals to perform, we then repeated this journey in reverse and made the most of the sunshine (welcome warmth on an otherwise cold weekend).

Image upon imageWawoo guardian

Wawoo Temple (1)Wawoo Temple (2)

Reclining BuddhaWawoo stupas