Pet recyclingOne fine weekend, Amy and I went down to the south-eastern end of Seoul to investigate an excellent combination animal shelter and veterinary clinic, and to exercise the dogs awaiting adoption. Most were happy to be out somewhere new, but quite nervous in unfamiliar surroundings and unused to being on a lead. We both had a go at washing one of the residents (a very friendly spaniel-beagle cross), and managed to terrify her in the doggy dryer (a small cupboard with heaters and fans on every surface designed to dry and fluff a wet dog) over in the dog salon (complete with full-time stylists to match your dog’s fur style and colour to your particular tastes).

Cobe (2)By the following Friday, Amy had decided to foster this bundle of fun, and we headed back out on the subway to pick her up. Whether she remembered us or not, she was typically overexcited to see us, and gambolled all the way back to the subway station – at which point we had to get her into the doggy carrier Amy had bought. This in itself wasn’t too difficult, but she did not like being confined in such a small space on little bit and whined and yipped at an uncomfortable pitch and volume until we opened the hatch in the top and allowed her to stick her head out. This was an entirely satisfactory state of affairs until we got on the bus back to Yongin and (despite having bought an extra ticket for the carrier) were forced by a particularly pig-headed driver to put her underneath in the luggage compartment, over both our and some other passengers’ complaints.

Cobe (1)Safely back in Yongin and out of confinement, the majority of our weekend was spent introducing Cobe (the name given to her at the shelter, from cocker spaniel + beagle) to Amy’s apartment, neighbourhood and training methods. Within a day or so, she had learned (just about) to sit on command and be comfortable with us leaving the apartment for short periods of time, but the toilet training results were a little patchier. Amy had a large supply of dog treats, though (with more at the local vet’s), so I have no doubt that when I see her again at the weekend she will be a model of good behaviour.