Last weekend was an orientation for the new students, and a few lucky staff were ferried out to the much-advertised Vivaldi Park along with hundreds of excitable freshers. The complex, a couple of hours out of Seoul near Hongcheon (홍천) is a sprawling mini-empire of ski slopes (4), swimming pools (several, all delightfully decked out with faux-ancient Egyptian and Atlantean ruins), hotel rooms (more under construction), spas (with hot springs) and golf courses (possibly only the one, plus some mini-golf). Most staff time was spent in relaxation (the student staff did the majority of the organisation), and so I attempted to get some winter sports photographs (only to find that my battery would freeze in under 10 minutes) and hiked the trails out to the (thankfully) undeveloped areas.

Ski World (7)Ski World (6)

Ski World (5)Ride me please

Ski World (4)Ski World (3)

Ski World (1)Ski World (2)

Frozen waterfallFrozen water wheel (3)

Frozen water wheel (1)Frozen water wheel (2)

Vivaldi trail (2)Vivaldi trail (1)