One of manyOverpetted cat

Amy and I decided recently to make an effort to go out and do more things instead of spending most of our free time on the internet or board gaming (which wasn’t time wasted by any means – we just wanted to do some other things as well), and so one Saturday night we found ourselves in the student hangout of Hongdae (홍대) on our way to the Kimchibilly. This purported to be a mix of swing and rock music, featuring the acclaimed Rocktigers, some popular support acts (the Gentle Slicks, Rusty Belle and Soul of Liberty) and plenty of happy fans. After some pre-club drinks at the Ho and Cat Bars, we squeezed our way in and spent the rest of the night alternately drinking, dancing (not me), taking photographs (me) and revelling in our new-found freedom to go out and do something new.

Rusty BelleGentle Slicks frontman

Gentle Slicks bassistGentle Slicks guitarist

Soul of Liberty (1)Soul of Liberty (2)

Plectra at the readyRocktigers bassist

Rocktigers (1)New Rocktigers

Rocktigers (2)Rocktigers drummer