The semester is over, gone so quickly as to leave one wondering whether it had really happened at all. I gave my final exam on Thursday, furiously marked all outstanding papers and assignments, distributed provisional grades and patiently waited for the fifty-one complaints (I have a total of fifty-four students across three classes and can be reasonably sure that the top student in each one will have no grievances) – one hour after I sent the grades out, I had two messages in my inbox asking for explanations.

The insufferably hot and humid weather (which, I am assured, will get gradually hotter, more humid and thus really insufferable) prompted a peaceful weekend in Yongin, with Amy and I attending a cheerful Couchsurfing potluck picnic in Suwon and getting to grips with the newly-purchased Settlers of Catan (Korean edition, with the English manual downloaded and printed). This, along with Carcassonne, is reckoned to be one of the benchmarks of modern board games and I have to say it was rather gripping.

Once again, regular readers will note the lack of frequency in my posting. This is entirely due to work, and I hope (I really do, as I’m reading lots of things at the moment) to be able to get back onto things that interest me as soon as possible.