The last few weeks have zipped by in a flurry of job interview preparations, job interviews, cookie baking (for Amy’s cookie party and for some orphans to decorate), Christmas shopping and various forms of entertainment (mostly involving films and television shows such as House and Futurama). Actual “travel” experiences have been rather thin on the ground as I make preparations to move out here (which have stalled somewhat as I wait to hear back from the universities I’ve applied to), though I’ve familiarised myself with the Seoul and Yongin suburban transport systems a bit more.

Christmas day itself was a non-stop assault of food, presents, films and guest appearances by families in other countries (through the magic of technology, Amy and I contacted Canada and the UK respectively to exchange festive greetings). We had ventured out to a wholesale supermarket in Seoul and stocked up on hard-to-find items such as mince pies and chocolate-covered blueberries, and additionally cooked up some nut roast (which, despite being a vegetarian cliche in the UK, Amy had never tried), roast potatoes and chocolate brownies.

I’m told that I’ll be notified of my interview result early next week, so it’s looking like another weekend of speculation and not being able to do very much to help me move here. I have sorted out a flight to the UK, though, and expect to be back in early January for about three weeks. I expect some frantic packing and flying visits.