Gopher RogerFresh off the ferry from Fukuoka, I walked straight into a solid week of job applications – principally tweaking my CV and looking for positions that weren’t suspect hagwons (private English academies notorious for corruption and cheating their teachers), but also spending some quality time with Roger chez Amy. He seems to be getting bigger, which may be his winter coat but could also be the increased eating (which could also be a winter thing). Thankfully he’s no less cute. The typing, printing and photocopying went smoothly after one of Amy’s students introduced me to the copy room, and everything was completed in time for a monster brunch on Saturday with Anne and Dan. Not content with the bountiful array of fruit, pancakes, cinnamon buns and baked potatoes, we also deep-fried some brie and hit our monthly cholesterol quota after a few bites.

Such an enormous feast deserved a bit of a rest, and we took it on the bus into Seoul as a plan had been hatched to go ice skating. This proved to be every bit as difficult as I’d feared, and though I didn’t fall over neither did I venture far away from the hand rail. We followed the excursion up with some food and drinks in Gangnam, discovering two bars worthy of further investigation in the process. Sunday, and much of the following week, was taken up with further job-related stuff (including writing a presentation), Amy’s delicious cooking, episodes of House and preparations for Christmas (we now have fairy lights). For someone who is technically on holiday, I seem to be very occupied.