Joe's FarmThe main saga of the past week has been the ongoing restoration of the bathroom, which has taken up more and more time as the fixing of certain problems creates or reveals other ones. So far I’ve turned the shower around ninety degrees, replumbed the drains (including the sink and washing machine), put boards over myriad gaps in the walls, fixed numerous leaks in the copper pipe system and replaced (and rebent) some sections of piping entirely. All is just about finished, but we were dealt a final blow as the new floorboard turned out to be too short to be cut into three (which means we either find another one from various pieces lying around the farm or try and stick three shorter cut-offs together).

Other work from the past week included digging a cable tunnel underneath the path with a crowbar, putting in stump holes to shore the house and shed up and going mushroom-hunting – there’s not much around, seeing as we picked most of the pine mushrooms (Tricholoma sp.) and wood blewitts (Lepista nuda) last week. This morning I cycled the 15 km to Daylesford to use the post office and pick up the final section of drainpipe, and had a hard time cycling back as it’s all uphill, the wind was in my face and I had a 2.5 m section of 50 mm pipe tied to the bike. Such is rural life in Australia.