Kampala parkingThe bus journey from Arusha to Mwanza takes an arduous twelve hours at the best of times, and for me it turned into a gruelling sixteen over dusty and bumpy roads. Taking a look at my and other buses made me think that the writers of Mad Max must have visited Tanzania at some impressionable point. Still, I made it to Lake Victoria without any major mishaps and found myself quite captivated by the thought that if I dropped a message in a bottle into the water it might eventually make it to Europe.

On a whim, I decided to swing by Uganda (which involved another long and uncomfortable trip via Bukoba), so I did a lap of Lake Victoria and ended up in bustling Kampala – from where I can easily get into Kenya. The city is absolutely heaving with people, there are numerous distractions and posho (cassava meal) and matoke (mashed plantains) are cheap and plentiful. I’m going to chill out and recharge here for a few days – my hostel (the Blue Mango) has a pool, and there is an informal jam session above the National Theatre every Monday.