Bwejuu beachAlthough this was never going to be a long post (I did make one only a few days ago), one of Dar es Salaam’s frequent but unpredictable power cuts has just wiped out everything I was writing (I have a feeling that WordPress is supposed to make draft saves regularly, but this doesn’t seem to work either). All the shops and buildings here use petrol generators during the day (either electricity is cut from dawn until dusk, or it’s very expensive), making the whole city very hot, smelly and noisy. The internet cafe I’m in apparently didn’t switch their UPS on.

Anyway, the Zanzibar rains finally cleared up and we had a day of intermittent glorious sunshine on Bwejuu beach, one of those white sand and palm tree places you see featured heavily in travel magazines. There is a coral reef offshore, and the sand in the intertidal zone is so fine it’s sticky, like walking on wet custard powder. On the drive over we saw an endangered Zanzibar red colobus monkey (Piliocolobus kirkii), and the beach was full of small sand crabs scuttling about at breakneck speed. Tomorrow, buses permitting, I’m heading north to Lushoto and the cool green surroundings of the Usambara Mountains.

Bwejuu reefZanzibar palms