Cango CavesThis week sees me in East London (yes, I’m finally out of the Western Cape), which to be quite honest seems a bit seedy – so I’m taking the shuttle bus to Hogsback tomorrow! Hogsback is a beautiful bit of mountain scenery which was supposedly part of the inspiration for Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings (just like everywhere else he might possibly have been within earshot of), and the backpacker’s hostel is called Away With The Fairies. My tall story detector is set at maximum.

We finally finished the wireless fence at Simonskloof, using all the wattle branches I spent so long trimming and a few extra ones from some other trees too. All we did was dig some posts into the ground and then weave four horizontal and four vertical branches inbetween them. Sounds odd, works brilliantly. It looks fantastic (no photo uploads here though, sorry!) and it’s 100 % organic except for some chicken mesh to stop porcupines barreling through it. My radio aerial is now doubling as a fence post, and plans are afoot to hang bird scarers or wind chimes off it. I suggested dousing it with paraffin and setting it alight, but was out-voted.

On leaving the mountain retreat, I headed on to George (and the excellent Outeniqua Backpackers) to see the Cango Caves. Despite being a bit touristy (the walls and floor are glassy due to so many people going through), they were incredible. There is also a 27 cm letterbox to go through, which means that *ahem* larger people can’t go on the longer tour! I then caught the overnight bus up (0200 departure, gah!) here. After Hogsback I’ll most likely mosey on up to Pretoria (14 hours!) and the embassies. Africa awaits!