SimonskloofAnother Sunday, another Lariam (the three-week countdown to me possibly going into a malarial area began last week). The rains have finally abated (until Tuesday at least), which saw us all head out along the road with picks and shovels to rebuild the bits that had washed away. Proper prison labour! A few locals also came out to look at white people doing manual work instead of a team of black / coloured labourers (one person even went back to fetch her kid). Tomorrow I start work on the garden fence – I’m confident that I can put together a lattice-type border without using any wire or nails (time will tell).

Thursday is Montagu day, and that’s when I’ll be leaving Simonskloof and heading on up the coast. My next destination hasn’t been decided yet, but will probably be George (for the caves), Port Elizabeth (the next major city) or Durban (the next major city after that). Time to get out the guidebook and figure out what I’m going to do with the next couple of weeks.