So after about three weeks of abstinence, I finally cracked and bought a second-hand guitar. It was actually surprisingly cheap (R295, plus extra for a gig bag) and I have no doubt I’ll get my money’s worth before it gets worn out / stolen / dropped off a bus. Sadly I have no tuner so it sounds a bit off. An exchange at the hostel last night went roughly as follows:

Enter James, aka Sister Mary James, a high-camp Zebra Crossing resident.

James: Ooh, whose guitar?
Me: Mine. I finally cracked after three weeks not playing.
J: Well, we simply must have a concert! Do you know anything from The Sound Of Music?
Me: Ah, no.
J: How about Aladdin? The Little Mermaid? Beauty And The Beast?
Me: No, sorry. I tend to play, you know, folk and rock and stuff.
J: Do you know anything from a musical?
Me: Um. I know Science Fiction Double Feature from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
J: Wonderful! My key is B flat.

After James cajoled two Belgians and one Norwegian who happened to be in the lounge into singing backing vocals (the ooh-ooh-ooh bits in the chorus), he launched into what was actually a rather good rendition.

James: Marvellous! There’s a little Frank-N-Furter inside you just screaming to get out!
Me: He isn’t screaming.
J: Ah, you tied him up. Well done.

Cape TownToday I took the ferry out to Robben Island and got a tour of the facility from an ex-political prisoner. Pretty strong stuff. There were also seals and penguins all over the place.

I was supposed to head out to Simonskloof yesterday, but the bus times weren’t convenient for my hosts. They sorted out a lift today from a staff member who works in Cape Town, but she ended up not being able to come. So they arranged a lift from Stellenbosch, but that’s just been cancelled. I can see myself staying in Cape Town quite a bit longer than anticipated. Ah well, at least I’ve got the guitar.