JamakaToday I learnt some vital farming skills – namely fencing and bricklaying! The fences are designed to keep goats in a kraal and are six feet high – I’m not sure whether this is leopard-proof or not (probably not). This meant heaving eight-foot telegraph poles (coated in some kind of weatherproofing oil) around, digging a two-foot hole in unfairly rocky ground and then struggling to get them planted and aligned before adding wire. I think we did a few hundred yards – should take the goats a few weeks to munch through that much fynbos. Bricklaying was actually laying some kind of local concrete block about four times the size of a brick.

Yesterday was pleasantly spent sitting on a crate peeling and slicing mangoes, peeling lemons, and then laying them both out to dry (just the lemon peel, not the lemons themselves). I suspect I’ll be gathering and sorting them in a few days.

Jamaka goats (1)Jamaka goats (2)

At sunset today, a few of us piled into a cunningly-sprung trailer (the wheels were originally from motorbikes) attached to a quad bike and went zooming round the farm doing a quick check on things (I got the chance to try raw sugar cane!). Both the dogs outpaced us the whole way, despite us doing a good 30 mph on the road. I have to get me an eco-friendly quad when I get back.