Jamaka panorama

OK, I am most definitely not used to twelve-hour shifts. I’ve been packing naartjies all day, and then helped load the truck that’s taking them over to Cape Town. I’m going to put some farm workout programmes together so that you folks at home can experience it too:

Naartjie Truck Loading

Clothing: Durable overalls you don’t mind getting dirty. Long sleeves recommended.
Duration: Approx. two hours (see below).
Works: All major muscle groups, particularly trapezius, biceps, hand flexors and quadriceps.

  • Dead lift – lift naartjie crate (approx. 16 kg) off the floor.
  • Bicep curl – bring crate close to body.
  • Legs / core – walk crate to truck (approx. 10 m).
  • Upright row – raise crate to truck (approx. 1.5 m).
  • Calf raise – lift crate onto pallet or second tier of crates.

Repeat until truck is fully loaded or you run out of naartjie crates (typically 200 – 250 repetitions).

Weekends are a bit more relaxed (thank goodness), so if the weather’s nice (it’s blowing a gale and raining at the moment) I’m going to walk up the hills on either side of the farm (we’re in a classic U-shaped valley) and take a look at the Cederberg Mountains.