It begins.

After a few nights of very little sleep I finally arrived in Cape Town at 5AM local time, endured a typically hair-raising shuttle taxi ride out to the Zebra Crossing hostel and went out into the city to find it surprisingly Northern (must have been the colonisation). The parks are full of grey squirrels and the national gallery has a whole bunch of European pre-Raphaelite pieces. It’s cold and chucking it down with rain at the moment – just like a British autumn – making me feel right at home. The main museum has a stuffed Quagga foal and – get this – a model of a giant squid! For some reason, they’ve (possibly) mislabelled their stuffed polar bear – they have it as Thalarctos maritimus when I’m sure it’s Ursus maritimus. Can anyone shed light on this?

As luck would have it, the Mozambican consulate is closed for refurbishment until Monday – and when it reopens there are bound to be huge queues and delays on the six days it takes to process a visa in the first place. Interesting as Cape Town is, that’s time I don’t really have. I’m going to see about starting my first farm placement and then sort out a visa when I get up to Pretoria or Nelspruit.