A summary article of some of the options being considered to mitigate global warming has appeared on Popular Science, with a typical disregard for scientific debate and general ethics.

“If they had broadcast that meeting live to people in Europe, there would have been riots.”

The article gives brief details of six techniques that aim to deliberately alter the Earth’s climate so that we might continue to burn fossil fuels without killing ourselves in the process. Unsurprisingly, it’s come out of the USA with the blessing of the White House. The topics covered were:

  • Carbon dioxide sequestration
  • Air filtering
  • Oceanic plankton seeding
  • Carbonation
  • Cloud formation
  • A space mirror

While these projects all have some scientific merit, and are fascinating from an academic point of view, all except sequestration are impractical or unethical (and there are still question marks over sequestration). The meeting seemingly failed to address what might be a more important issue – that of peak oil. If (or rather when) the oil and gas fields run dry, a renewable alternative will have to be found. We might as well do it sooner rather than later.

Via WorldChanging