OK, so I’ve decided to vote Labour. Hear me out before you start hating.

I would most like to see the Green Party in power, and I can’t see anything changing that in the forseeable future. They have a candidate standing (for the first time) in my constituency, but sadly I just can’t see him getting in. I’ve seen no flyers, no posters and no canvassing – compared to both Labour and the Conservatives expending enormous effort to get their person elected. The thing is, my constituency used to be safe Conservative and only fell to Labour by the narrowest of margins in 2001. Labour are keen to keep it and the Conservatives are keen to get it back – based on previous voting patterns and the kind of people who live here, this really is a genuine two horse race. We don’t have proportional representation, so for my constituency it really is true that a vote for anyone other than Labour will help the Conservatives.

I therefore decided to vote tactically for Labour and find a Labour supporter in another Tory-contested constituency that Labour could not win. The tactical voting website, however, does not include the Greens! Out of options, I decided to support the Liberal Democrats in order to help keep the Conservatives out of two seats and push the Liberal ideal of proportional representation. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to vote Green via DIY proportional representation or live in a constituency that they have a chance of winning. For now, though, I’ve just got to keep telling myself it’s for the greater good.